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G-REYE- Current avionics suite and panel components. 

Aspen Avionics primary flight display (Right) and multi-function flight display (Left)

The Aspen PFD shows critical flight and radio navigation parameters. A digital artificial horizon, with altitude and speed tapes occupies the upper portion of the screen with additional information such as groundspeed and OAT below. The Aspen's air data computer also renders the local wind vector (175deg/10kts in the picture) which has proven very useful for off-airfield operation and training sorties. A full electronic HSI with dual bearing pointers lies in the lower portion of the PFD screen. Data can be taken from a standard VHF frequency (tuned on the GTN 750) or from GPS source allowing a deviation bar and distance readout to appear for both applications. Practice NDB procedures are currently flown using GPS data, however when ADF equipment is fitted, it is this that will drive the needle. It is possible to select 360 or arc mode on the HSI. When flying an ILS/ Loc only approach, deviation command diamonds are displayed to the right and bottom of the artificial horizon.     

The Aspen MFD can be tailored to the pilot's preference. A base map with flightplan legs, waypoints and nearby airfields/navaids is the standard display view. This can also be adjusted to terrain mode to highlight topographical hazards. It is also possible to display traffic output and weather with the correct ADSB- Out equipment.     

Garmin GTN 750 GPS/NAV/COM 

This touchscreen unit allows the pilot to tune and operate radio navigation aids and serves as Redeye's primary VHF transceiver (Com 1). The GTN 750 is also the primary GPS navigation interface, with flightplans being entered and modified from this unit. Standard flight monitoring variables such as TAS, groundspeed, ETA, track etc are displayed in user defined locations. A physical 'direct to' button can be seen on the right hand side of the unit allowing for easy access when in-flight. The GTN 750 will also display the nearest airfields/ navaids and their frequencies from this menu. 


Any flightplan or diversion input into the GTN 750 will automatically be rendered onto the Aspen MFD when it is displaying the moving map. With a Garmin Flight stream component, any pre-planning or changes made on the Garmin Pilot app can be sent via Bluetooth to the GTN 750. This feature will be added when EASA approval is granted. When on the ground or close to an airfield, auto-zoom will enable the pilot to see airfield diagrams containing runway/ taxiway/ terminal detail.        

Garmin 350H audio panel and GTR 225 8.33Khz VHF transceiver (2nd radio)  

The audio panel permits selection of active com frequencies, aural identification of nav frequencies  and pilot/co-pilot/passenger isolation. With Redeye's two radios, not only can a complete flight's frequency list be entered on the ground but the ability to transmit on one active frequency while keeping a listening-watch on another is possible. Simultaneous transmission on two frequencies by pilot and co-pilot also allows  for more streamlined ATC coordination.     

Garmin GTX Mode S Transponder 

Easy to operate mode S transponder with the ability to display pressure altitude, vertical speed trends and flight time.


Displaying the Garmin Pilot and SkyDemon apps. Cockpits around the world are rapidly moving towards a paperless environment and the popularity among GA pilots of apps like SkyDemon is only getting larger. Redeye's cockpit is equipped with with iPad RAM mounts plus two iPad airs.  

The Full Picture 

All components together, working hard so the pilot doesn't have to.   

G-REYE- Components coming soon...

The following avionics/ equipment will be added to redeye soon:  

  1. ADF 

  2. DME


  4. ADSB Out component for traffic 

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