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Alasdair Hutt


Type rated on: Robinson 22, Robinson 44, Bell 206 series and AW109 E/S

Alasdair has had the fortune of being around helicopters for most of his life and attained his private pilot licence aged 17. 

After university, having built up flying hours and experience through private flying he gained a commercial pilot licence and instructor rating. 


Alasdair has flown in a wide variety of environments – from remote areas of NW Scotland to the congested heli-routes above central London.

As an FI, he enjoys flying with pilots in environments or scenarios in the UK that they would be reluctant to try solo.  In the commercial world, Alasdair enjoys the challenges of charter. 


Ed Hutt


Type rated on: Robinson 44, Bell 206, AS355, AW109

Ed is a very experienced and knowledgeable helicopter pilot who has flown extensively throughout the UK over the years.

He has also ventured abroad to the USA and Australia to fly privately and experience the different freedoms and challenges flying in these environments presents.

Ed has a SEIR that he obtained in Denmark and two multi- engine ratings allowing him to fly larger and more complex helicopters.  


Company registration number: 3962031

VAT registration number: 745 5349 13